Anacostia Museum Photo-Safari 2007

Smithsonian's Anacostia Community Museum Reflections on Life: Yesterday and Tomorrow Summer Youth Docent Camp.   A pilot project sponsored by the Anacostia Waterfront Corporation's Rediscovering the Anacostia River 2007 Children and Youth Grant Program.

Photo: ©2007 Joanne Miller

Photo: ©2007 Joanne Miller

"The Telling Your River Story workshop conducted by Ms. Miller enabled the students to compile a scrapbook about their river field trip by using their photographs and writing poetry about the experience.  The workshop truly inspired the students in creating poetry that is quite reflective, imaginative and conveyed their personal river experience.  The students gained a new appreciation and respect for the environment". Linda Maxwell, Education Program Coordinator, Anacostia Museum


Stop the trash!
It's Dirty and Toxic.
We need clean water
for all that is in it.
For the animals.
From snakes to frogs
For beauty after all!
©2007 "TJ" Tyrance Jones