Gaithersburg Elementary 2012

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"Ms. Miller's program successfully brought awareness of human impact on the environment to my students.  They were able to visually communicate relationships in nature and influence their surroundings."  "Trish Kennedy MCPS Art Teacher

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In collaboration with the fourth grade teachers, Joanne led an in-school arts integration residency supported by a grant from AHCMC.  In this program, students went on a photographic journey that integrated art, science and technology.  Ms. Miller provided 30 digital cameras to the students who photographed the nature on school property and model ecosystems comprised of mammals, insects, plants and water elements to reinforce principles of the science and art curriculum and to develop an understanding of relationships in an ecosystem. Art teachers Susan Knutson and Patricia Kennedy collaborated in guiding students to communicate their personal vision though photographic collage. Learned art and computer skills offered an opportunity for creative expression with first-hand exposure to the world of nature.

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